Agape Life Line

About Us

What is Agape

Agape Life Line is a non-profit social welfare Charitable Trust registered with the government of Tamilnadu under the Trust Act, 1998.

The Purpose:

To reach, help and uplift the most deserving people with God’s love  and help them grow as  better human beings with dignity and as valuable citizens of the society and country.

The Motto:

“If no one wants you, we want you”.

The challenge that triggered Agape

The desperate plight of a few   deserted and orphaned children challenged Sam & Beena. They found that girls were the worst affected when they did not have a family to care for and that they are most vulnerable to all kinds of abuses when they have no one to stand for them.  Some of the children they met were either orphans or were a burden for their single parents.  A divine vision to help  eventually led them establish a family style home for such children that would provide the right conditions for them to grow and bloom.

Meet the Founders...and know the beginnings...