Agape Life Line

What we do

Agape Family (Children's Home/ Orphanage)

This is the flagship ministry of Agape and much has gone into the making of it. Agape family - the children’s home is the product of the vision of its founders. AGAPE lifeline family, as the name suggests is the lifeline that helps children of the bottom rung of the society i.e. orphans or semi orphans or deserted children from broken or burdened families, to elevate themselves to higher levels. Agape   family, is not just another orphanage or children’s home but like any other normal middle class family.  Here, the children are placed in an open atmosphere, given freedom and independence to express their needs, aspirations and feelings, helped to make their own decisions and choices to carve a pathway of progress for their career. Above all they are given a sense of worth, belonging and freedom and everything required to be physically and emotionally healthy.   It helps them stand tall, walk in dignity like anyone else and deal with others on equal terms. This is achieved through a combination of factors such as parental love and care, decent living conditions, choice of clothing, and good education. At Agape, we have children from the age of 5 to 18 years.