Agape Life Line

Future Plans

Family units

Agape plans to establish similar family units with 12-15 children and parents in the future so that  more children in need can be served in the best possible way.

Irular Community Development

Drop in Centre (In progress)

As a first part of the development plan for the Irula tribal people, Agape intends to start a Child development centre to provide comprehensive care for Irula children who fall into three categories .i.e.

  1. Few who attend school- not regularly
  2. Those who do not but roam around and
  3. Toddlers who need to be looked after. 

Since untidy appearance and hunger prevents the school going children from attending the school regularly, they will be bathed, clothed and fed and sent to school so that they can attend school in dignity like other children. The second batch that roams around will be brought in to have good food after a bath and a clean dress to give them a sense of self worth. They will go through a process of play way learning methods to become school ready and attend regular school. The toddlers who belong to the third batch will go through the same process, get strong with good nutrition and will receive proper preschool education so that they can enter school.  The purpose of the centre is to transform the Irula tribal children into children of worth like any other and bring transformation to their communities when they grow up.

Care takers would be their mothers on rotation for a specific period who will be paid for their participation in the bathing, dressing up and feeding programmes of their own children from their community.    This is intended to involve the mothers in the transformation process to make them agents of change in their community and ensure that not just the children but the adults as well would embrace health and hygiene.  This centre would also serve as a community centre in the future for the Irula people where programmes for improving livelihood skills would be conducted for women and men. Agape believes,  that this facility which is in the making  would bring them the much needed change and reformand vertical mobility in the society.

0 – 5 Infant’s home

While there are many children’s homes to cater to children in the 5+ to 18 years group there are only two in the 0-5 years group in Kanchipurum district where Agape lifeline home is also situated.  This is possibly because it needs lot of attention and care and packs a lot of responsibility as that’s an age group that is normally difficult to take care of.    Agape intends to start a home for children from 0 to 5 years as there is a crying need for it In the  Kanchipurum district.

This will be a very special home for children as it will tenderly care for children who are not wanted by their families or parents for some reason or the other.  Children born to unwed mothers, children born out of wedlock, girl children who are not wanted by the parents or when there are more  girl children   to care for in a family will grace this home.  Children rescued from female infanticide will also be part of this plan.  A centre for adopting babies who are not wanted by their mothers will also function from this home.

These young babies & children who have been deprived of the love and care of their mother or father or parents will be brought up in love and care in the best possible way to fill up the void created by circumstances.  As all the brain development of an individual takes place within 3 years from birth, special care and attention will be taken to ensure that they are fed well and loved tenderly. Since they are in the formative years they will be brought up well with right attitude and love so that they would grow to have fulfilled personalities with self esteem.