Agape Life Line

Helping Hands

Helping hand is the outreach arm of AGAPE to help people in diverse difficult situations. Individuals who are in desperate situation, people who are stressed out due to life's situations need help and support. Agape stretches out its hand to help such individuals to rise up to walk through life again. The following are some of the ministries towards helping many either as one time or regular monthly support.

Widow’s help

Poor widows who are single and lonely and those who have been cast away by their children who need support to carry on in life are extended a helping hand by Agape. The help varies from person to person and from time to time according to the needs of the situations.

Medical help

Those who are unable to meet urgent medical needs are extended support to receive Medical care. This may include clearing hospital charges, Pharmacy and Laboratory bills, transportation to hospital and sustenance during the period of sickness. Any support that caters to those in sickness will be covered by this help.


Counseling is given to people caught up in various desperate and tricky situations; Drug and alcohol addicts, unwed mothers and teenagers are some of them to mention.  Awareness about child marriage and sexual abuse is also given to children as a preventive measure. This is for helping them to be prepared for any eventuality.  Follow up is provided wherever needed.

Free Tailoring Unit

Women who are poor and not qualified for a job or unable to make a living of their own are trained in tailoring so that they can use the skill in their free time to supplement to the family income.

Educational Assistance

Education is  seen as the key and the ladder of success and a way out of poverty  to many millions of children and parents of poor and lower middle class families in India. With globalization even middle class have fallen into this group. Hence much emphasis is made in India on “education linked employment”. Education in reasonable institutions is also not cheap and quite often it’s a struggle for families to pay for education.

Agape provides suitable financial assistance to children who need support to continue their studies.  It specially focuses on children whose parents go through a sudden financial crisis or have gone down in life due to various reasons.   Agape takes full responsibility for their educational expenses at least for a year and continues to help the deserving. It also helps children with initial expenses at the beginning of the academic year as huge amounts are collected as sundry fees for a year at that time. Support is also extended to those who are unable to clear the monthly school tuition fees as one time help

Free Tuition

In remote villages most of the parents are not educated and are unable to help their children with their school homework or afford any private tuition. Our tuition teachers help such children to understand the lessons taught and catch up with other children so that they will not lag behind others.