Agape Life Line

Leprosy Services

Leprosy is considered as a dreadful disease and though curable, the permanent deformity they carry, keep them under scorn and disgrace. More than the disability that they battle with it is the stigma from the people that puts them off. The ‘disgrace’ attached to this disease even today imposes a heavy burden upon the affected individuals and their families.

Agape reaches to leprosy affected people who are   in a rehabilitation centre where they get food, shelter and medical care. The only social interaction they have is with the Doctors and staff. They long for love, care, and visits from anyone who is willing to relate to them. This is where Agape steps in to meet their felt needs. Since we listen to them, touch and comfort them they look forward to seeing us often. We visit them once a month, provide their essential needs like toilet items (soaps, tooth paste and brush, oil, shampoo etc) and also meet their specific needs. Above all we spend time with them and make them feel worthy and wanted. There is visible change in them but much needs to be done still.