Agape Life Line

Meet the Founders...and know the beginnings

Right from her childhood, Beena the founder trustee, had a deep in born attachment for the poor and downtrodden.This desire expanded as she grew up. The experiences that she went through   made her realize the vulnerability of girl children and how the abuse of girls is rampant in the society. In the course of her career   she met Sam who shared her vision and passion for such children and they got married in 1986. They underwent practical trainings, and worked together with such children in institutions. Their desire for learning to be effective, their Public Relation skills and above all their compassion for the deprived and vulnerable girls, prepared them for the work that was in store for them.

Their understanding of the dynamics of children growing up in structured atmospheres such as “Orphanages & Children’s Homes” gave them a new concept of bringing up children with a higher perspective, beyond basic needs. They felt that a family style atmosphere would help in raising children to be physically as well as emotionally healthy. Sam and Beena had to leave their jobs to make it a reality. In 1998, Agape life line trust was formed to give shape to their dreams. They started in a small rented house for Rs 1,000 in Padappai. It was tough and they had to battle innumerable difficulties to survive with no certainty of continued support for the work. Sam and Beena had to take up small assignments to support their mission.  Eventually everything fell in place one after the other and today children from disadvantaged and insecure backgrounds   live in the “Agape family” where they are able to study in good educational institutions and enjoy the facilities of a modern middle class home. These children are growing up to be individuals with self esteem, dignity and with a heart for those in need.

Sam and Beena together have mentored and trained others to be effective child care leaders and they are willing to help many more. They are path breakers and want to create effective leaders with a heart to serve the disadvantaged children.