Agape Life Line

Street Dwellers

A group of families live between the grand trunk road and the railway station at Vandalur on the outskirts of Chennai city under temporary shelters made of plastics sheets.  They long for love,   and approval but they hardly get any.  They are either runaways or people who have been rejected by their families and this could be due to various factors.     Whatever the interaction or social connection they have is all within them. They have sad stories to tell, some of serious sicknesses like HIV-AIDS, T.B., cancers of different kind, kidney failures, and disabilities.  They sustain their lives by begging or rag-picking. Due to their background and health condition they will not get any   job as they cannot strain physically. Agape reaches them and attends to some of their specific needs according to situations and counsels them. A doctor joins the team to help with medication and guidance to appropriate hospitals where they could get free treatment.